Audition Information

We understand that auditions can be the most challenging part about joining a new musical ensemble. Treat this time like a friendly mini voice lesson. We promise that you will feel welcome and we will start from whatever your level of ability.

  • the applicant sings a short (30 to 60 second) a cappella song in any style
  • vocal exercises to establish the applicant's vocal skill and range
  • basic ear training skill evaluation (applicant will be asked to repeat short musical phrases)
  • sight reading skill evaluation (a basic melody is presented in the applicant's vocal range, and the applicant sings this melody unaccompanied on sight)
  • a brief discussion of the applicant's musical experience as well as other attributes

Every year TIME includes singers with all levels of experience; the potential of the applicant's voice, as well as the applicant's attitude and personality, are important factors in our decision process.
Good luck and we look forward to meeting you at your audition!

Want to sing with us?

We accept auditions by appointment. Please email us at or send us a request through the form below. Check out this flyer for further details.

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